How To Pay Traffic Ticket Online

The electronic certificate is not required to carry out these online procedures .

Complaint bulletin (pink copy)

  • This system is only applicable to complaints made by local police, with a pink copy of the complaint bulletin. It is not used to pay with the tickets of complaint of the zones of regulated parking.
  • The penalty to be paid must be in the voluntary period.
  • The amount must be the one that appears in the “Euros” box of the complaint bulletin. The system will automatically calculate the applicable reductions. If you pay the penalty within 20 calendar days from when the complaint was notified to you, the amount of the penalty is reduced by 50%.

Recommended :

  • The amount of the penalty is the amount entered by the person making the payment. IF IT DOES NOT CORRESPOND WITH THE CORRECT AMOUNT OF THE FINE, you will be notified by the Traffic Office so that you can pay the difference up to the total amount thereof, leaving the amount paid as payment on account, and the record will be UNPAID until the the entire fine is satisfied.
    It is mandatory to provide a contact telephone number and / or an email address in case the Traffic Office has to contact whoever is making the payment.
  • In the case of selecting the “Create Receipt” option , after entering all the data correctly, a receipt will be generated with which you can make the payment. It is recommended to print or save in a file on your PC the receipt that is generated, being able to pay the fine with it, during the payment period that is set in the collection document, in the following  Banking Entities: Ibercaja, Bantierra, BBVA, Banco Santander and Caixa Bank.
  • In the case of selecting the option “Create Receipt and Make Payment” , after entering all the data correctly, a receipt will be generated and it will be redirected to a gateway to make the payment electronically. You will need a credit or debit card to make the payment.

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