How to Plead Not Guilty to a Traffic Violation

When a traffic ticket comes in the mail, you may wonder if you should plead not guilty to the offense or to pay the fine. Usually, you should plead not guilty to avoid the cost and trouble of a court appearance, but this option is not ideal. If you don’t feel comfortable going to court, you may want to hire a lawyer to represent you.

If you have the right to plead not guilty to a traffic violation in NJ, you may choose to do so. The first step is to call the municipal court and inform the clerk that you would prefer to plead not guilty. The clerk will tell you when and where to appear in court. In case you are unable to go to court on the date listed on your ticket, you must notify your employer within 30 days.

If you are charged with a traffic violation, your next step is to decide whether you want to fight the charges in court or to plead not guilty. The prosecutor will present evidence against you, and you will have the chance to challenge evidence against yourself and defend yourself. Choosing to fight your case in court is a smart move if you don’t feel comfortable with the worst scenario.

You can try to fight the charges on your own, but if the charges are too serious, you may want to seek legal representation. In this case, a traffic attorney will be able to challenge the evidence used by the prosecutor. For instance, you can ask to see surveillance camera footage, which may cast doubt on the officer’s claims that you ran a red light. If the officer used a radar gun to record your speed, you may be eligible to plead not guilty.

You can also choose to plead not guilty to a traffic violation. In many cases, a court will not dismiss the charge, but a jury can. Nevertheless, it can help you protect yourself by pleading not guilty to the charges. If you plead not guilty, you will not have to go to court. A lawyer will help you get the best result possible.

If you are guilty, a court will determine the punishment. If you plead not guilty to a traffic violation, you will not have to appear in court. Instead, the jury will consider the facts of the case and decide whether the charges are true or not. If the charges are not true, the jury will have to decide between the two parties. It is also important to know whether your ticket is worth a fine or not. A traffic citation may result in your license being suspended.


If you are accused of a traffic violation, you will have to face a judge and pay a large fine. However, if you believe the facts are in your favor, you can opt to plead not guilty. This option will ensure that you have the best chance of getting your case dismissed without facing jail time. This option may also be the best option for you if you can’t afford an attorney.

Choosing to plead not guilty to a traffic violation is often the best option because it can protect your driving record. It also helps reduce the cost of auto insurance. It is important to remember that a speeding ticket can also have other consequences. Refusing to plead guilty can increase your car insurance rates. Choosing not to plead guilty to a traffic ticket could save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

If you have never been in trouble with the law before, it is important to know your rights. When you plead not guilty to a traffic violation in New Jersey, you can avoid a fine of up to $200 and receive two points on your driving record. In addition to this, your attorney can also negotiate a plea bargain with the prosecutor to minimize the cost and impact of a conviction.

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