How to renew Driver’s License in New Jersey?

How to renew Driver’s License in New Jersey-Get detailed analysis about the renew Driver’s License in New Jersey. For every motor vehicle, the license is a must to travel. Without a license, it is void and punishable. To avoid this, the permit should be renewed. By visiting New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission you can update your permission. MVC will send a reminder of expiry before seven months and for every four years. So, renew your driver’s license.

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6 Point Identification

Renew the license by Mail or In-person at NJMVC, you need to submit the form along with some major documents. There must be four essential requirements.

  • At least one Primary ID.
  • At least one Secondary ID.
  • Verifiable Social Security Number.
  • Proof of Address.

The state of New Jersey assigns ‘points’ to different types of identification forms. You will need to add up to six points in order to complete identity verification with the MVC.

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Renew the license In person

By visiting the nearby DMV office, you can renew driver’s license in person. Carry the required documents along with you. Fill the renewal form if you received it in the mail or pick it from the office itself. Staff will verify your documents, your signature, and your photo is captured. After completing the process, you will receive a new driving license which is valid for the upcoming four years. Now you are ready to enjoy your ride.

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Renew the license by Mail

New Jersey allows both in-state and out-state residents to renew driver’s license by mail. Need to complete the renewal form sent to you by mail, attach a check or money order of $24 fee (at the time of writing), and drop the form to dispatch. You will receive your papers through mail within 10 business days. The renewed permit may not be applied by mail for the below reasons.

  • You have a Graduated Driver’s License (GDL)
  • When license is suspended
  • For Temporary Visa Restriction
  • You have an ignition interlock on your vehicle due to a DUI/DWI conviction
  • New photo to be taken at the MVC.

Extending Driver’s License

You can acquire a one-year extension if you are undergoing medical treatment and their physical characteristics have been temporarily altered. You need to submit the proof to MVC from an authorized physician to approve. To appeal be sure to follow the below instructions

  • Visit your local office with 6 Points of ID and proof of address
  • Complete extension form provided by NJ MVC
  • Submit letter verifying medical treatment for illness with a sign from a authorized physician 

There will be seven months of the grace period will be allotted. Once expired and is considered invalid, however, you will still be able to renew it In-person. The NJ MVC will charge the $24 fee for renewing a driver’s license. This can be applied for all the processes like In-person and by mail.

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