New Jersey Municipal Court Case search [Complete Guide]

New Jersey Municipal Court Case search [Complete Guide]- Get pretty much in-depth words on Municipal Court Case Search to know your ticket number. Is the platform where the citizens from the state come for justice, either as a defendant, a victim, or a witness. Most of the victims will never go to the alternate, they trust the quality of the justice and conclusions did.

New Jersey Municipal Courts are considered as courts of limited jurisdiction, having accountability for motor vehicle and parking slips, minor criminal-type offenses, and regional ordinance offenses such as dog barking or building code violations. It considers the class-action suits that occurred within the boundaries of State municipality.


Municipal Court Case Search

Municipal Court Case Search(MCCS) can be found easily on their official website. The fast, secure, and convenient way to examine for information about the grievance. This is the gateway to making virtual payments for your fines, with this you can avoid visiting directly and saves time by spending few minutes at home. The transactions made by you are incredibly protected and secured.

To utilize the MCCS services and pay the fine, you need to have a valid ticket number and other details. Whether you want to trace it, you need few mandatory things available. Let us see them below.

  • Ticket Number: It is an genuine and given to you as a proof by the authorities. It should be legal and contain the important data. The data on the coupon will contain observations about the bench ID and sequential no. of the receipts alongside the idea for violations made.
  • Complaint Numb: It is an authentication figure given by the consultants to track and verify your position and do the further proceedings.
  • Drivers License digit: By using this you can check the traffic ticket violations and pay the stub to the megistrate through online methods.
  • Name: With the help of your full name you can look for the suit, the name should be filed by the authority. You may be involved as an opponent or respondent.

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MCCS Portal Login

By keeping all the above papers you can find the details of the filed case, you can know your status by following the below steps.

  • Visit
  • If the URL doesn’t work, Pay traffic ticket online at
  • You should have the Ticket number, Complaint numb, Driving license no., and the Name.
  • Press”search” to continue. (For the questions regarding token, please contact the local tribunals)
  • Now you will redirect to the “Case Search” page.
  • Select your option in the dropdown box, then enter the options criteria.
  • Enter the captcha seen in the box, then press the “search” button.
  • You are now able to see the claim details and its position.
  • If the prosecution is regarding the traffic ticket violation, then it shows the amount to be paid as penalty to the Court.
  • By using the Debit or credit card you can pay due.

Above is the procedure to log in with MCCS to check the lawsuit status. Without going to the New Jersey Municipal court you can track your case by using this portal.

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