New Jersey vehicle Registration Application Fee & Renewal

New Jersey vehicle Registration Application Fee & Renewal details given here. When you recently purchased a vehicle in New Jersey, an automobile distributor will do the registration for your motor car. If you buy a second-hand car, then registration will be done from your side. After using the motor car and is about to perish, and you have to renew. The charges will be taken for all these things to happen.

Law enforcement officials issue the NJMCDirect traffic ticket if a vehicle accidentally violate the New Jersey Municipal court traffic rules and regulations by traffic violators

New Jersey vehicle Registration

For pre-owned cars, registration can be done at New Jersey Motor Vehicle agency and it is easy for this you need to carry some documents while reaching the office. Have a glance at them.

  • Brand name or title of the car
  • Insurance policy numb and the insurance card.
  • Dealer reassignment.
  • Need authorization other than yourself if some one else, required to sign the note.
  • Your four-wheeler is financed or leased, you need to submit financing statements and legal holder details.
  • Motor Vehicle Commission Entity Identification Number(EIN)
  • If your car is buyed at auction with in a state, take the enrollment bill of sale, a photo or a pencil tracking of the VIN plate, and the latest registration paper issued.
  • A purchase order if the car was transferred from other state.

New Jersey vehicle Registration Application

Renewal of your vehicle registration is easy, there is no need to walk any agency. Simply sitting at home you can complete the process online at NJMVC (New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission) website. You need to set few documents before starting the renewal. Let us gather the below things.

  • Registration Renewal Form
  • State Social Security No.
  • Master, Visa, or an American Express card.
  • An Insurance Identification card.

New Jersey vehicle Registration Renewal

After taking all those documents, the actual system starts. Below are the steps to be followed for Vehicle registration renewal

  • Visit
  • Select the Renew Vehicle Registration
  • Now on the new page, click on the “Begin Online Registration Renewal” button.
  • On Login page you need to enter “PIN” from your form.
  • Choose yes/No whether your registration privilage is suspended or revoked in any state.
  • Click on the “continue”. Systems checks for the PIN existance and asks for payment.
  • Pay the mentioned amount of $1.50 by using financial card.
  • Complete the renewal and enjoy the ride.

PIN Lookup

The PIN can be retrieved if lost or obtained when you do not have one. Here are steps to be followed to get a PIN.

  • Visit
  • It navigate to “Registration Renewal PIN Lookup” page.
  • Enter the “Plate Number” of the vehicle
  • Vehicle Identification Number(VIN)
  • Driving License or your ID (Or the Corporation Code)
  • Check the captcha
  • Click on the “Get PIN” button

With a newly generated PIN, you can do your renewal of vehicle registration.

Replace Car Registration

If you lost your registration it may lead to violations and you need to pay the fines when you travel. For this, you need to visit New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission office. Below are the steps for the replacement.

  • Carry the required papers like Driving license, SSN.
  • Take the authorization, if you are not the owner.
  • Bring the New Jersey Insurance ID card.
  • If your car is leased, submit the authorization statement for the leasing company.
  • BA-49(Vehicle Application Registration form) will be given to you at the office.
  • Fill the form and sign the application, if the owners are more than one their signatures are must.
  • If your registration replacement is first three years the $5 will be charges and it is above four years the charges will be $11.

Replace lost tag

If you lost the tag or broken, please rise the complaint in the police station. Keep a copy of the report with you. Now you visit the immediate MVC office to replace your plate, please follow the procedure.

  • You need to fill the BA-1 form which is known as “Plate Status form”.
  • Submitting Identification proof, you will get the new number plate.
  • For any tag replacement or unique plates, $6 to $11 will be charged.
  • If your plate is damaged, the new plate will be replaced with same numeral.


Can we renew expired registration online?

Yes, we can update by visiting their official website.

Describe PIN Lookup?

If you lost or forgot the PIN, you can generate it by using PIN Lookup.

Is there a grace period for expired registration?

Registrations can be renewed online except under two conditions – when they become invalid beyond the approved six-month extension period or your registration privilege has been suspended.

What happens if you drive with a perished license?

If you are caught driving with an elapsed permit, you will be charged with a $100 surcharge for three years, which totals $300. If you do not pay your yearly surcharges, you may face a suspension.

What is BA-1 form?

To identify the Number Plate position

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